Sells for $9 million!!!

MXN Limited acquires for $9 Million. Terms of the transaction were not fully disclosed, but this is the second largest adult domain transaction behind

It was not more than two months ago when t
his domain was at an auction for 7.5 Million and thought it was a bargain. It failed to sell because it was in a wholesale environment with mostly domainers. Domain auctions need to do a better job at getting the different industries bidding. If only professional domainers attend domain auctions, then sellers will only get the a multiple of PPC revenue for their domains. Great brand names will fail to sell at the level where they should be trading at.

The new owner is going to take their time to consider what long-term project plans they will take with They said, “It does not need to transform overnight. In the meantime, we will keep it parked with, a leading domain name monetization company”.

Attracting millions of monthly unique visitors, is one of the top type-in traffic adult entertainment destinations. plans to leverage this traffic by offering a multiplicity of premium products and services that will solidify as the web’s leading adult portal.

“The possibilities with PORN.COM are limitless,” says MXN Limited. “To rush its development just to get something brand new ‘live’ would be foolish. We will carefully evaluate our options before we decide the direction we wish to take it”.

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