Philippines governor offers God chocolates

A religious Philippine governor has offered chocolate and other food to God in return for friendly skies for a rescheduled Asian summit that was postponed last month because of an approaching typhoon.

Gwendolyn Garcia said her offering to the Almighty for good weather during this weekend’s summit in Cebu province was made through a local group of Carmelite Roman Catholic nuns, in keeping with a local belief. “We offered bags of grocery items such as chocolate, noodles and canned goods,” Garcia said. “It has worked in times past, God answers our prayers in his own way.”

Many devoutly religious residents of Cebu, a province of 3.4 million people, traditionally offer trays of eggs to God through the Carmelite nuns who maintain a convent in Cebu city. The Philippines is Asia's largest Catholic nation. Cebu has a special niche in its religious history because a Spanish expedition is said to have first landed there in 1521, bringing Christianity to the land.

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