Stones pop out from woman’s toes

23-year-old Siti Suhana Saadon’s skin under toenails opens up, releases a stone and then closes itself


A young Malaysian woman claims to have a unique problem — she does not know how to stop stones from popping out of her toes. Siti Suhana Saadon's skin under toenails opens up, releases a stone and then closes itself, The New Straits Times quoted her mother as saying.

The newspaper also published pictures of the 23-year-old and also of a collection of colourful crystal like stones that come out of her toenails. "We are not looking for publicity but we want someone to research on this and heal my daughter," Siti's mother Kamriah, a rubber tapper, told the daily. The young woman has become an overnight sensation in her small town of Alor Gajah after a local TV channel featured her.

Siti told the paper that the stones usually came out in fives but during past few days only two marble sized stones had appeared. One was green and the other pearl like. She said about 10 minutes before the stone came out of her toenails she experienced nausea and toothache.

"At that time, I can't think of the pain. I just want the stones to be out," she said, adding that sometimes the stones also came out when she was asleep. The larger stones had to be dug out, the paper said. X-rays a few months ago did not show anything unusual, it said. The first stone, a small white and coral like appeared in October last year.

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