Man Crossed River To Avoid "BANK CHARGES"!

A Canadian rescued from a rubber raft in near-zero conditions told rescuers he was paddling to the US to avoid bank charges.

Wayne Kingwell, 40, ended up spending five hours on the Niagara River before he was rescued, reports Buffalo News. US Attorney Terrance P Flynn said investigators were trying to determine the validity of the bizarre explanation he gave. He claimed he regularly crosses from his home in Fort Erie, Ontario, to Buffalo - using a small aluminum boat or the raft - to do his banking.

"He said he was coming across the river to pay off the balance of his credit card," Flynn said. Kingwell claimed he was charged an $85 fee if he mails the payment, so he crosses the river each month instead.

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wayne said...

This is a good example of how the story gets messed up. I crossed yes, got stuck in the ice yes, got ashore myself but my purpose was to get to catch my flight to Califorina so I could be somewhere warm for a few days. Then I was to return home and get on with my life with no harm done to anyone. I am not a criminal, not a terrorist but I was treated like I had been plotting to wipe out Washington with a nuke!
They asked me what the money was for so I told them it was to pay my U.S. credit card. When they said why didn't I pay it from Canada I told them simply that the payment would have been late if I had sent the money from Canada when I could just make the payment at the ATM in Buffalo on my way to the airport. The border patrol put their own spin on the information to make me look like a lunatic. "Pardon me for upsetting the propaganda machine"


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