That's Just Wrong - 19 "Moral-Wrongness" Crimes

On a ‘moral-wrongness’ scale of 19 crimes, people ranked brother-sister sex as being below child molestation but above other, relatively minor offenses such as drug dealing and smoking pot. The ranked results, from most to least immoral...

That’s Just Wrong...
  1. Molesting a child
  2. Rape
  3. A man killing his wife
  4. A woman killing her husband
  5. Consensual father-daughter sex
  6. Consensual mother-son sex
  7. Father-daughter marriage
  8. Mother-son marriage
  9. Consensual brother-sister sex
  10. Brother-sister marriage
  11. Assault with a weapon
  12. Robbing a bank
  13. Selling cocaine
  14. Breaking and entering
  15. Embezzlement
  16. Smuggling illegal aliens into the country
  17. Public drunkenness
  18. Speeding on the highway
  19. Smoking marijuana

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