I spent Rs 17 lakh to attract Mr Right!

Over the past decade, Shahnaz Khan has been travelling around the world to transform herself into a woman with the looks to snare a desirable man

Like many women of her generation, Shahnaz Khan devoted her 20s to studying and furthering her career, but as the university lecturer reached her 30s she realised she was ready for the next stage in her life. She saw herself married to a wealthy and loving man, living in a house in some leafy road with two children.

The hitch: finding Mr Right

But while most would cut back on their work hours and go out more often, Shahnaz spent the best part of the past decade travelling from her cottage in Bradford to various places, including USA, Croatia and Thailand, to transform herself into a woman with the looks she believes are necessary to snare a desirable man.


Since 1999, she has spent somewhere in the region of £20,000 (Rs 1,708,328) on re-modelling her face. Although she has rekindled a relationship with a man from her past, the bottom line is that since she began, nearly a decade has passed. She is now 41, and not only is she still single, she is also still a virgin.

She refuses even to consider the notion that she may end up without the imagined family that spurred her along the path of cosmetic surgery in the first place.

“I always knew I’d be an older mother,” she says confidently.“I don’t feel too old to marry and have a family. On the contrary, I look in the mirror and think my life is only just beginning.”

• Shahnaz studied faces of celebrities she wanted to emulate. “I focused on women — mainly film stars — who I admired and whom I felt shared a similar look with me. ”
• Shahnaz worked hard to afford the transformation. “Besides working full-time as a lecturer, I took on lots of extra jobs. In the evenings, I washed dishes in a hotel, I looked after children in a private nursery, I stacked shelves in my local supermarket. ”
Shahnaz’s method of choosing her surgeons was unorthodox: besides their qualifications, she also checked if their astrological charts were in line with hers.


What she spent:

Semi-permanent make-up: £1,000 (Rs 85,199)
Tow nose jobs: £3,500 (Rs 298,253)
Chemical face peel: £1,000 (Rs 85,199)
Eye lift and bag removal: £2,000 (Rs 170,413)
A dimple inserted into her cheek: £500 (Rs 42,637)
Face-lift and nose tip elevation: £2,800 (Rs 238,723)
Hair extensions: £3,000 (Rs 255,710)
Travel costs: £6,200 ( Rs 528,468)

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