Indians finish fastest in bed - 13 minutes of Sex!

But Are Among Most Prolific Lovers In The World, Says Survey

New Delhi: Maybe it’s time to think of a Hindi translation for ‘wham bam, thank you ma’am!’. A new global sex survey reveals that when it comes to time devoted to the sexual act, Indians get done the fastest—averaging just 13 minutes, foreplay and all. The global average is a good five minutes longer, at 18 minutes.

Nigerians, on the other hand, spend a leisurely 24 minutes on every sexual encounter. That’s probably why they top the global satisfaction stakes, with 67% of the population feeling ‘ekdum’ pleased with the act. India still comes third, with 61% of the respondents saying they are fully satisfied with their sex lives. The Japanese, at 15%, come across as the least fulfilled nation.

These and other interesting tidbits were revealed in the Durex Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey that questioned more than 26,000 people across 26 countries about every aspect of their sex lives, in a bid to comprehensively chart what constitutes sexual wellbeing.

The study reveals that Indians are among the most prolific lovers, having sex 130 times a year on average—considerably more than the global average of 103. The Greeks, at 164 times a year, lead the most amorous lives (really making their good looks count). Brazilians (145 times) clock in next, followed by the Poles and the Russians at 143.

Sexologist Prakash Kothari is not surprised with the survey’s 13-minute finding on India. “Most Indian men use their wives as sleeping pills. They have never devoted enough time to foreplay, or the act itself. Early climax (premature ejaculation) is a more common disorder than erectile dysfunction (impotence) in Indian men,’’ he says.

Not surprisingly, only 26% of Indian women report a regular orgasm (as opposed to 55% of the males). Yet, twothirds of Indian women say they are satisfied with their sex lives, compared to 58% of men. Almost half of all Indians (47%) crave for more love and romance in their lives.

Further, while more than two-thirds (67%) of Indians say their sex lives are exciting, 55% recognise the importance of introducing a little experimentation, with telephone sex and massage included as new trial activities. Says international sexual health expert, Dr Kevan Wylie, “The survey highlights how vital it is for everyone—especially men—to not only consider their sexual health but to talk to their doctor about solving problems to improve their sex life and that of their partner.’’

The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive across 26 countries.

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