One in every 25 Men in India are Infertile...

It’s no longer under wraps. Doctors have found that male infertility has increased sharply recently. And, this is more pronounced in urban areas, says Sudarshan Ghosh Dastidar, a Kolkata-based fertility expert. New figures suggest that one in every 25 men is affected by infertility.

According to experts, such cases have gone up from 20 per cent to as high as 50 per cent. In spite of the fact that this is still a closet issue. “How many of us... admit the reality of male infertility? We still feel shy to talk about it and don’t treat it as any other ailment. It’s a major blow to man’s ego,” says Rupin Shah, a Mumbai andrologist.

Infertility is attributed to decline in sperm quality. Semen analysis revealed that either the sperm count is low — a condition is called oligospermia; Or the semen contains dead or immobile sperms, termed azoospermia. Problems such as erectile dysfunction or problems associated with ejaculation are seen in about five per cent of men who go for fertility evaluation.

Who’s to blame?
Doctors cite several factors. “Alcohol consumption, smoking and high levels of caffeine are the culprits,” says Rohit Gutgutia, fertility expert at Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre, Kolkata. “Environmental pollution has been shown to significantly decrease the quality of semen,” says Shah. “Pesticides, petrochemicals and exposure to pollutants are also known to affect sperm count and motility.

This, along with plastics used in daily life are endocrine disrupters. They can affect hormone levels and fertility,” he adds. Besides these, late marriages, an urban fast-paced life and diet also lead to infertility, said Shah.

“Today...,” he adds, “both partners want to first establish their careers, build assets and then start a family. A problem peculiar to the metros is infrequent sexual intercourse when both partners are working.”“Unconventional working disrupt biological clock and affect sleep patterns thereby contributing to infertility,” says Ghosh Dastidar.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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concerned heart said...

Older age can lead to infertility in men and so can having had older parents at one's conception. There are many factors.


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