Boys Need Sanitary Napkins, Bras & Panties - As per Delhi NGO

Delhi’s Social Welfare Dept orders bras and panties for a boys’ home. Another innovative way of fleecing the government?

New Delhi: Here’s a revelation that will leave you all wondering — boys need sanitary napkins, bras and panties!

Confused? Don’t be. All these items were part of a quotation for supply of clothing and general items for boys at the Alipur Children’s Home. Documents reveal that women’s underclothes and other feminine items were “purchased” by the Children’s Home for Boys at Alipur. From a dupatta to panties, apparently everything is available at the boys home.

“These documents clearly show misallocation of funds. There is a nexus between the supplier and home superintendent at the Department of Social Welfare,” says Raaj Mangal Prasad, vice-president, programmes, for NGO Pratidhi.The Department of Social Welfare (DSW) has been cribbing about lack of funds to manage these homes. There are about two dozen children’s homes in Delhi under the DSW with about 200 inmates each.

The purchase budget of each such home is nearly Rs 20 lakh. Each home is supposed to assess annual purchase requirements and then invite tenders and then purchase the items.“However, no one cross-checks the billing and actual supply. These ladies’ items are never actually supplied, but the money is shown as being spent on them. Instead, the same money goes into the pockets of top officials. This has been going on for years,” says a source.However, how much money has been spent on what item is not known.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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