Harry Potter will be remade in Hindi... Check out possible titles!

Bollywood filmmakers are really excited about Harry Potter. A number of remakes are being planned, all of them hush-hush. Let's take a sneak peek into the scripts...

HARIBHAI KA SURROR - the movie, the real luv story

In this pathbreaking creation of modern cinema, Haribhai Topiwala is caught in a love triangle with a 7-year-old and a 30-year-old girl. The plot is totally filmed in Germany and includes scenes like his arrest (on allegations of child-molestation) and a sting operation - in between songs and item numbers.

Khari Potter is the youngest family member of the family. This TV series (telecast also in South Asia, America and Central Africa) is a 34000-episode-long saga of how Khari Potter manages to see through the politics of the Potter family - the vamps, the cousins, the aunties, et al, alongwith his wife and kids.


The plot: The whimsical Harry Malhotra (guess who, SRK!) goes to Hazamgadh school of Pottery and Gardening. He's the elder son of the billion-dollar scion and owner of the Malhotra Group. At Hazamgadh he falls in love with the Harmeet (Rani) - the daughter of the chief potter. The rest of the plot is self-explanatory. (How can it not be, if it can be summarised in 10 minutes!)


The plot: Prem Puttar, in love with lady Harminder Kaur, marries her.


The plot: Harwinder aka Harrybhai (played by a debutant actor from nowhereland) is a newbie at Hogwards school of Guncraft and Gunnery. He gets involved into a fued over a lost AK 47 with the local goons and later on joins a rival underground faction. While his rise as Harry the Don and his inception into the H company, he manages to falls in love, jump off the Hogwards Express and survive and keep his enemies at bay.

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