SCORE! - Boon For Cute Little Angels

I would be a father shortly. But I have a ever-growing worry about where my kid would study and how she would cope up with the "cut-throat" competition... Today's primary education is a tough test of the parents rather than the kids! I believe that if the child is given a correct and logical approach right from her early days (when her brain is very receptive), and very intuitive and tender approach would result in sharp kids! Recently I heard from one of my friends about SCORE! Educational Centers and their very intuitive and innovative approach to treat kindergarten & pre-kindergarten children.

They do not teach, do not preach. They simply Apply! Through building blocks, finger paint, and stories, it helps the cute little angels to develop a positive attitude towards learning (and towards everything around them). And I am sure their math tutors, basic reasoning strategies and involving kids in the learning process will prove very very useful to every kid. In fact, it would be a boon for all kids! I would urge every parent and would-be parent to try out SCORE! This is a paid post.

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