Alternative Community of Gothics on the Web?!!

There are many alternative communities on the Internet. Many are for guys, gals, eununchs, and now there are communities for Goths! Goth is a modern subculture that first became popular during the early 1980s within the gothic rock scene, a sub-genre of post punk. It is associated with gothic tastes in music and clothing. Styles of dress range from gothic horror, punk, Victorian, fetish, cybergoth, androgyny, and/or lots of black. Since the mid-1990s, styles of music that can be heard in goth venues range from gothic rock, industrial, punk, metal, techno, 1980s dance music, and several others.

Meet Gothic Guys - Free Goth Community! Welcome to Dedicated to bringing goth guys together in a totally free atmosphere. Email other members, IM other members, or add them to your blackbook. Meet hot sexy goth guys who have intersts in the gothic lifestyle. Many members love techno, punk rock, and goth music. This site takes pride in having real gothic personals where real gothic guys are looking to meet other like minded goth friends. Online dating for people into the goth scene has never been easier. You can search for gothics in United States or Canada. Just specify the search criteria and get going!

This site is really very effective. Just a plane simple search brought to me over 300 results! You just need to sign-up to the site, and that's it!! It is simply superb!!! Note that this is a paid post.

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