All-new Sardarji Jokes - Guaranteed Laugh!!

A dog was chasing a Sardar and the Sardar was laughing.
A by-stander: Why are you laughing?
Sardar: I have an Airtel phone but still Hutch network is following me…


Sardar: I haven't slept all night in the train.
Friend: Why???
Sardar: Got upper berth.
Friend: Why did you not changed it?
Sardar: Oye, there was nobody to exchange the lower birth.


19 sardars went to see a film.
On asking them they came in a big group of 19?
They replied that the film was only for above 18...


One sardarji professor asked a plumber to come to his college.
Did you know why?
Because he wanted to check where the question paper is leaking...


One sardar painfully shouts: “Santa! Your daughter has died!”
Depressed, Sardar jumps from 100th floor
On reaching 50th floor, he remembers that he doesn’t have a daughter!
On reaching 25th floor, he realizes that he is still unmarried!!
On reaching 10th floor, he finally understands that he is Banta, and not Santa!!!


Sardar wins Rs. 20 crore as bumper prize, from Rs. 20 lottery ticket.
Lottery dealer gave Rs. 11 crore to sardarji after deducting all taxes.
Angry sardar: "Give me my Rs. 20 crores or else return my Rs. 20 back!”


Sardar & his wife buy coffee in a shop.
Sardar says: “Drink quickly…”
Wife asks: Why???
Sardar says: It’s written here: “Hot coffee = Rs. 5 and cold coffee = Rs 10”!!!


Sardar's last wish: When I die, I wanna die like my grandpa, who died peacefully in his sleep not screaming like all the passengers in the car he was driving…


A man asked sardarji why Manmohan singh goes walking at evening not in the morning.
Sardarji replied: "Arey bhai, Manmohan is PM not AM"!!!


Sardarji was standing in front of the mirror with his eyes closed.
His wife asked: What are you doing?
He said: I am seeing how I look while sleeping.

Important notice: This post is intended only for a healthy of dose humor and should be taken in the right spirit. I do not have any intention of hurting sentiments of anyone. Thank You!

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