Syndicate Bank Website Compromised; Bank Unaware

Websense Security Labs yesterday issued an alert that the site for public sector Syndicate Bank ( was compromised with a malicious script that attempted to exploit multiple vulnerabilities. According to Websense, when customers visited the website, a malicious JavaScript file was executed, which resulted in the loading of a Trojan Downloader that contacted a remote server to download a Trojan Downloader and Backdoor onto the customer’s computers.

When enquired about this critical vulnerability, Atul Kumar, CISO and assistant general manager, Syndicate Bank stated, “As of this moment we have not detected any unusual patterns in our monitoring of the website. We have an extensive security policy in place and we monitor activity on the server 24x7. Now that we have been made aware of this report we will backtrack and attempt to discover if anything was amiss and if so find out what really happened.”

“We were using a shared server from Reliance, but have migrated to a dedicated server due to increase in transaction volumes. We also implement strict policies and conduct invasive vulnerability testing of our systems once a quarter. Security can never be deemed infallible no matter how impervious your system may seem. However, we will now take steps to assess the damage, if any,” added Kumar.

Manish Bansal, marketing manager, Websense said that his company stands by their claim of Syndicate Bank’s website being compromised. He added, “The nature of web attacks on financial institutions today are so sophisticated that most victims are clueless about the amount of data theft until it’s too late.”

The report also added that at the time of publication, the website had been cleaned of all malicious code. However, unless Syndicate Bank figures out what happened and warns those customers who used its Website during the time it was compromised, customer security would be at grave risk.


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