Two-day-old found in cloth cradle at Vasai, Mumbai!!!

Baby still had umbilical cord attached when police found him!

A two-day-old baby was found abandoned in a makeshift hammock near the entrance of Vasai, Mumbai fort late on Saturday night. Vasai Gaon (loval Vasai) police personnel heard the newborn’s cries while patrolling the area. They tracked the sound to a tree near the fort and found the child wrapped neatly in a dupatta hanging from a branch of the tree. The umbilical cord was still attached to the baby.

They rushed the infant to Vasai municipal council hospital where he was attended to by Dr Gladys Jadhav. According to Dr Jadhav, the baby is 48 hours old, healthy, weighs 2.5 kg and appears to be from a well-to-do family. Inspector R Lohkare, Vasai Gaon police station, says, “It’s a miracle that the child survived because there are a lot of animals, particularly wild dogs that are known to attack humans at night, in the area.”

After news about the baby spread, eight childless women from Vasai visited the hospital and expressed a desire to adopt the child. Doctors say the baby is being taken care of by the nurses and will be in hospital for three more days before being handed over either to JJ hospital at Byculla (Mumbai) or the children’s home at Bhiwandi (a town in Maharashtra, near Mumbai).

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