Transform your webpages into money-churning machines with Smorty

As many people started using the Internet, there was a crop of online advertising. Many sites claiming to "share" the revenues they earn through online marketing. With the advent of blogs, this phenomenon became furious. Many players came into existence and soon became extinct! You can literally turn your simple blog posts into a money-churning machine!!! Caveat: This market has become too crowded to find reliable, efficient and good pay-masters. Some are just too noisy, some do not pay well, some ask for too many efforts and time to get paid... Then there are some entities which pay very late - perhaps a month later after you are qualified!! Man, this is ridiculous... But wait... there is good news! Smorty - the most effective tool to increase search engine rankings and targeted traffic, and to get highly paid for blogging.

Why Smorty? Here are some of the best-in-class features of Smorty, which are quite beneficial for both, advertisers and bloggers:
  • Benefit for advertisers - Get thousands of unique inbound links (get almonds at the cost of peanuts!)
  • Benefit for Bloggers - Get paid for writing your genuine opinions (get almonds at almost no cost!!)
  • Advertisers pay only for those posts which they approve...
  • Advertisers can select on which sites their ads should appear...
  • Connecting advertisers with a network of high-quality sites/blogs
  • It pays the bloggers WEEKLY... Yes, you read it right - Weekly payments!
  • It allows bloggers to select which topics are of their interest, and to post in multiple blogs to earn more & more (essentially from tha same post!)

So, if you are a "wise" blogger and want to earn good money by expressing your opinions, then SMORTY is must for you... Go get it guys, get paid to blog. This is an advertisement.

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