Microsoft & Yahoo vs Google - the ugly side...

On Friday, Feb 1, when Microsoft announced that it is going to buy the troubled Yahoo! Group for an estimated price of $44.6 billion, all hell broke loose. Yahoo said in a statement that its board would evaluate the proposal "carefully and promptly in the context of Yahoo's strategic plans and pursue the best course of action to maximize long-term value for shareholders."

Undoubtedly this consolidation is aimed at taking their biggest rival, Google Inc., head on. I don’t want to discuss what strategy Yahoo & Microsoft has in mind, but I have noticed one strange this happening with Yahoo Mail, which is, in my opinion, very unprofessional.

I have Google AdSense account and I have subscribed to its daily email reports, using my Yahoo mail account. Till January 28, everything was quite fine, as I used to receive daily email reports of my AdSense earnings. However, since January 29, all Google AdSense mails were being sent to JUNK folder in Yahoo mail. I noticed this of late, and then investigated this matter to the best I can. I found that a little before the Microsoft – Yahoo consolidation news broke out, Yahoo has taken this very unprofessional approach to mark all mails related to (any) Google product as SPAM. This includes Google AdSense reports and YouTube alerts among others.

This is extremely amusing yet unprofessional on Yahoo’s front… Hats off to Google, which has terrified the two (so called) WWW biggies in a very short span of time. Keep it up Google!!


Josh said...

Did you rule out the possibility that it was actually YOUR mistake? That you were deleting spam and accidentally added google to your filter?

Gemini said...

Hi josh, it was not my mistake - i checked it. It never happened earlier. All my google-related mails were properly delivered to my Inbox. However, suddenly (in view of the takeover announcement) all google-related mails were diverted to junk folder.


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