TEACH INDIA – Let’s learn to teach

We've just identified the perfect solution to illiteracy – YOU.

After phenomenal success of the “Lead India” drive, The Times of India (TOI) has launched a all-new initiative – TEACH INDIA: Let’s learn to teach. Under this initiative, TOI is encouraging young citizens of India to donate a few hours a week only for 3 months towards teaching underprivileged, undereducated children from our neighborhood. It is not a nation-wide initiative, but it is in fact a nation-building initiative! It is solely based on one single motive – your willingness to teach the underprivileged, to remove the illiteracy from our superb nation and in the process help the children to live a better life.

It involves various programmes including basic education, support classes and even story-telling. The type of programme a volunteer is assigned to, will be decided after initial assessment by the NGO, keeping your location and time preference in mind. One has to devote a few hours every week for initial 3 months, later on s/he can continue depends on the experience / willingness. This drive is supported by almost 60 of India’s most committed NGO’s, corporates, schools, and is recognized by the UN Volunteers.

Come on Indians, the nation is calling you… seeking your selfless help to eradicate illiteracy… to come forward and help change the future of a child forever. Your few hours a week can change the future of our youth! We owe a lot to this beautiful nation; it’s the pay back time now! I have already applied and am hoping that I would get this wonderful chance to serve my country.

If you also share my opinion, hop in immediately: visit http://teach.timesofindia.com now for more details and complete the application formalities. If you happen to be part of this initiative, do not forget to buzz me here – we’ll probably shake hands sometime.


Delo said...

Hope it works.To convince them that EDUCATION is important is the biggest hurdle i've faced.

Anonymous said...

I am very excited about this.. Hope it becomes a great success!


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