Python Bites Boy In His Bed

A 12-year-old boy awoke to an unpleasant surprise this week when a python bit him in his bed. Michael Rodriguez discovered the 4-foot snake clinging to his right arm early Monday morning. He flailed his arm, flinging the snake to the carpet. “I didn’t cry, and then I walked to my parents’ room,” Michael said on Tuesday, still displaying bite marks on the side of his right hand.

He suffered only a minor injury. The snake is not venomous. “We thought he was dreaming, but he was holding his hand and it was bleeding,” said his father, Cedric Esqueda. “It was a pretty good bite, and I think when he threw it from his arm it made the bite worse.” The family just recently moved into the northwest Fresno home and doesn't own a snake. “We have no idea where it came from,” said Michael’s mother, Christina Esqueda.

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