The boy who became dad of twins at 12!

He was 12 when he got his 16-yr-old girlfriend pregnant with twins. Eight yrs later they’re a happy couple with another child!

When 12-year-old James Sutton got his 16-year-old girlfriend pregnant, the consensus was that their relationship would be lucky to last five minutes. Yet eight years later, he and Sarah Drinkwater are still together — in a home of their own. Sarah’s first pregnancy resulted in twin girls. The couple also have a two-year-old daughter.

And while James regrets having achieved the dubious honour of being Britain’s youngest father of twins, he is proud and delighted to have proved the doubters wrong.

Far from existing on benefits, the couple are determined to better themselves for the sake of their children. James, now 21, has spent the last five years working full-time for a construction company and his partner is studying hard for a university degree and working as a pharmaceutical researcher. Between them they are earning a decent living and have bought a £100,000 (Rs 84 lakh) house in Moston, Manchester, to give their children a secure home. The twins, Leah and Louise, seven, are doing well in school and the arrival of twoyear-old Ellie has brought the couple even closer.

It is a long way from the doom and gloom predicted by many when Sarah discovered she was pregnant by her 12-year-old boyfriend. James said: “We want to build a good future for our children and I want them to enjoy their childhood and learn from the mistakes I made. I adore my children and my life now, but at 13, I was too young to become a dad.

“If I could do it again I’d have waited until I was in my 20s because I missed out on my own childhood.” Sarah, who is studying for a degree in human biology and health sciences at Salford University, said she too was pleased that their enduring relationship had confounded their critics. “Nobody thought James and I could ever achieve what we have done,” said the 24-year-old.

Their proudest moment was getting the keys to their three-bedroom home and the couple are planning to marry. They rarely go out with friends as most of their wages go towards paying the mortgage, but they feel they have got their priorities right.

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