Do You Have The Guts To Wink At The QUEEN Of England? Well, Mr. Bush Has...

London: When you’ve just made it sound like the Queen is more than 200 years old, there may be a few ways of recovering from the gaffe.

---Picture: Bush turns to the Queen and winks after his dates slip-up---

But turning to her and giving her a sly wink is probably not included in any book of royal etiquette. That’s what happened on Monday after George Bush mangled his greeting to the Queen on her state visit to the US. Stumbling over his words, he came perilously close to suggesting that the monarch had toured the States in 1776.

And although the President’s following wink was initially rewarded with a regal glare, the Queen did at least seem to see the funny side of the blunder.

---Picture: The Queen responds with a frosty glare---

After the blunder the President paused and turned to the Queen to acknowledge his gaffe, joking that she “gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.”

Ripples of laughter echoed around those gathered at the event and the President laughed off the mistake and continued his speech.

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