Awesome Optical Illusions

An Optical Illusion is always characterized by visually perceived images that are deceptive or misleading (in most cases). Here is an interesting site which demonstrates an excellent visual phenomenon and optical / visual illusions. You may be glad to know: Not a single demonstration on this site contains nonsense, tasteless presentations / videos.

This site has three different sections - Just for fun, Optical illusions, and Uncategorized. The authors of the illusions have taken great care and huge efforts to create wonderful pieces of optical illusion. The videos as well as the images are extremely interesting.
One of these is the Lines on Building. They look like tilted lines. However, look at it very carefully - all these lines are straight!

Another one is the illusion on the plastic carry bag. It looks like the woman on the bag is biting the hand of the holder! WOW!! And read the name on the bag - "Nail Biter"!!! This is superb. I really loved it.

Another video shows an exciting, step-by-step creation of a chalk drawing. I can't explain how great these images are - especially the naked girl. It looks like she is sitting inside the pool and looking at you! Another drawing shows a woman stepping into the swimming pool. Remember that these are all simple drawings on paper / canvass. But they create such an illusion that these are three dimensional pictures.

The collection is awesome and I am sure, the visitors would be glued to it. Enjoy these wonderful pieces of art at:
Optical Illusions Blog.
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