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Take a scenario where you need to create a survey to guage viewpoint of your audience. I frequently needed this type of functionality where I would check out the trends, buying behaviour, response to a particular product from my target audience. Till now, I was facing a lot of issues in achieving this. I had to create my own polls / surveys, or I have to buy them. First was was not effective and the latter was not cose-effective. Take another scenario where a teacher wants to conduct a quiz / small test for her pupils to check their understanding on a particular topic. In today's world where schools have also become Internet savvy, the teacher has to rely on the school's IT team to develop this (as schools would be reluctant to buy this type of product).

Everyone of us would have got stuck in this situation atleast once. But no more. Here is a unique technology - - which allows you to quickly create online surveys, opinion polls, quizzes, sample tests in just few clicks. And you guessed it right - it is FREE! Here you can create quizzes just by specifying questions and the answer choices - that's it. Stop bothering about how to develop the online quiz, how to capture responses, how to analyze them and to display graphical reports. Leave these mundane tasks to This site is conveniently divided into various categories, you can pick up one of the existing most popular quizzes or design your own.

It is fun to create online surveys / polls / quizzes on this site and to share them with your friends. One can create a single-question poll by specifying the question, category and language of the poll, and by adding answer choices - and your poll is created for you. You can share this through - digg, link to your own site, facebook, or by email. Once submitted, you can see the poll online and start capturing votes! Wow!! I can't believe it is so simple! The results are shown as a pie-chart with description of answer choices on mouse roll-over. Creating an online test is completely fun here. You can specify the usual stuff like title of test, brief description, and language. The real fun starts while designing the questions. You can include as many questions as you want. You can specify as many answer choices as you want (actually more than 5 choices sound illogical, right?). Anyways, you can also specify which of these answers is correct. So that when you take the test and select answers, the site automatically calculates your score based on the correct answers you have given. It's it great!

I found this site is a great resource that all of us must visit and use. It offers exciting functionalities, great technology at no cost! It is very convinient to use and the quizzes are very easy to share. So get yourself registered, create an exciting test / poll on this site, share with your friends and have fun! Go Get It!!

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