Move over Mobile Phones... Pingo is here...

Once upon a time, the international calls were charged at a whopping rate of $10 per minute. Those were the times when the telecom revolution has just bgun. Then came mobiles and the charges dropped to around $5 per minute for long distance international calls. Then came the Internet and the charges dropped to less than $1 per minute. Now, suddenly something has happened and the call charges has dropped to their rock-bottom prices. VOIP has created a revolution in the telecom industry worldwide and PINGO is THE front runner in this.

Pingo offers calls to any destination in the world at rates as low as 1.8 cents per minute! Wow!! That's now called the market penetration pricing. No one can offer call rates below this, and Pingo will definitely cut into its competitor's market share in a couple of months! But you will ask me, what's great in Pingo. So, read on...

Pingo offers clear, reliable calls and ensures that the call is not dropped until you end it yourself. It aids the mobile users save on their bills to as much as 90% by using the Pingo Mobile service. It offers PIN-less dialing, so no longer PIN dialling required. It offers the lowest call rates to any destination in the world, at any time. It offers Internatinal prepaid phone cards at great discounts. And most exciting of this is the referral program - Pingo offers a whopping $15 referral award! After you register, you will be offered $5 in FREE calling, or upto 4 hours of international talk time. Now isn't it something to long for?

The most exciting feature and the technological breakthrough is the Pingo RateWatcherTM. Imagine that you have just landed up in a country (say US), and you are looking for an affordable calling card to call someone in another country, and not sure which service provider offers the best deal. Imagine how you will be pressed for more information on these deals, as you want the best deal and also in time. This is the perfect situation for the dubious serice providers to get extra bucks from you. But no more... Check out the exciting RateWatcherTM feature from Pingo. You need to specify your current country and the call destination country, and that's it. This sleek piece of technology scouts through all available deals for that particular combination of countries and presents to you the best deals. So no more scouting around for getting best deals! Just use Pingo RateWatcherTM.

Some of the addional services / products offered by Pingo are:

So guys, what are you waiting for... Grab one Pingo Calling Card now!

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