Rechargeable PIN-less cheap calling cards...

We have witnessed a time when the international calls were charged at a whopping rate of $10 per minute. That was the time when telecom revolution has just begun. After a major breakthrough in telecommunications industry, calling charges came down to around $3 per minute for long distance international calls. Then came the Internet and the charges dropped to less than $1 per minute, and later to their rock-bottom prices. Calling cards / Phone cards has come out to be the most preferred instrument in the telecom industry worldwide and GetMeCallingCards is one of the pioneers.

It offers cheap phone cards / calling cards, which are rechargeable, PIN-less, and offer international calls at rates starting from as low as 1.0 cents per minute! Wow!! That's now called the market penetration pricing. No one can offer call rates below this, and GetMeCallingCards will definitely cut into its competitor's market share in a couple of months! What's more, you can get a discount of 3% on all calling cards if you sign-up now, and still enjoy lower calling rates to a destination anywhere in the world! So get going. Get international. Get Calling cards from GetMeCallingCards!

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